Tubasa – JapanHDV | Tubasa cheats on her husband in a hotel with a model from JapanHDV 8567

This is a typical story from Japan. Lonely housewives, overworked husbands, neglected wives with a need for attention and sexual fulfillment. This is the modern world we live in where it is difficult to make a living so more and more time is dedicated to work and advancement in a career. This creates a problem where women who are in need of some type of companionship are contacting studios like ours to see if they would qualify to meet one of our male models and allow us to film the two of them engaging in sexual intercourse. We are getting more and more of these requests from young ladies who have not had their pussy pleasured by a man in many months and they are just looking for a way to get that done with out any type of strings attached. What we end up with is a schedule that is full of hot women coming in to see us and meet with us and signing up to meet our models and see if there is one that they would like to do a scene with. Today we set up an appointment for lunch with a model and a Tubasa. She is a married women with a job and has not had her pussy plunged into in many months by her husband. A lonely pussy on a young married woman can be a dangerous thing as there are needs that need to be met. Luckily for Tubasa we are able to fulfill her desires and can make sure that she gets what she needs from this afternoon. After our model takes her to lunch and they get familiar with each other he takes her to a hotel where he pulls out his cock so she can take a good long look at it. He sticks his hard on in her face and she… go see the whole video to know what Tubasa does next with that cock pointing at her face!

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