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Welcome back, everyone, to another episode of We Like Girls!
It’s a beautiful day on set today and an EXTRA beautiful day because I get to work with one of my all-time favorite performers: the one and only Jane Wilde.
About a month ago, I noticed on her social media that she was going off about this amazing, newer girl in the industry who she wanted to work with: Spencer Bradley. Now, Spencer and Jane are with the same agency but only met a little over a month ago… which led to Jane professing her crush and me picking up on it as the ultimate lesbian matchmaker!
‘I always wanted to shoot for the series but I wanted it to be perfect,’ Jane told us. ‘Then I met Spencer and was instantly so intrigued by her that I thought this would be a good opportunity to get to know each other on a deeper level.’
‘When I found out Jane picked me, I was really flattered,’ Spencer excitedly revealed. ‘I didn’t know it was a situation where someone picks somebody else, so the fact that she wanted to play with ME — and that she’s somebody that I’ve been wanting to work with more — is REALLY great!’
Spencer admitted that she was very excited to have Jane all to herself since the last time they did a scene together, Spencer had to share her. But not today in their first ever one-one-one scene. And Jane’s in for a SPECIAL TREAT since Spencer brought along a strapping surprise…

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