Roxie Sinner, Karlee Grey – GirlsWay | Naturally Stacked: If You Got It, Flaunt It 321

Karlee Grey and her best friend Roxie Sinner are catching up after some time apart. They used to work in the same office together, but now Roxie has a new job that she says is MUCH better. No more overtime, and no more stress! This intrigues Karlee, and she asks Roxie to spill the details about this new job. Karlee smiles and proudly says she’s been having a GREAT time as an exotic dancer. Roxie explains that she’s been doing really well because naturally big-breasted women are in huge demand – come to think of it, Karlee’s own natural big breasts would make her super popular if she were ever interested in joining the profession herself. Karlee is receptive to the idea, saying that she SHOULD try it – she’s tired of being stuck in a boring office job that’s going nowhere. But then a thought seems to occur to Karlee, and she says there’s just one problem… She has two left feet! Roxie assures her that it’s not as hard to get into as she thinks. Sure, there are some clients and venues that would want the complicated pole dancing and stuff, but she could always work her way up to that kind of thing over time. Plenty of clients just want the ‘basic package’… in other words, a lapdance with some titty shaking. All Karlee needs for that are 3 things: a chair, and two boobs! Karlee is still a bit unsure she can pull it off, so Roxie offers to give a demonstration. Karlee agrees to it, so Roxie gives her a sexy lapdance with lots of titty-shaking. Karlee is clearly turned on by Roxie’s dance, so Roxie suggests that they switch places so Karlee can try to do it. Once Roxie is seated, Karlee lifts up her skirt so she can jiggle her ass for Roxie’s viewing pleasure. They both get so turned on that they agree to take a break from the dance lesson to have a different kind of fun. They kiss, and happily explore each other’s bodies, including sucking on breasts and motorboating. Looks like Karlee will be joining Roxie in living a better, happier life!

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