Reina Rae – ManoJob | Extracurricular Activities! 524

Everyone say hello to the beautiful Reina Rae!! Seriously, Reina might be one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever shot! I’m gonna call her an “amateur” for this scene, only because Reina’s had maybe 10 scenes under her belt after we wrapped this. But make no mistake about it — Reina’s destined for Porn Stardom. Reina’s an 18 year-old Latina who hails from the great state of Arizona. True story: I like to ask the models for a favorite fantasy to form our “skit” around. Reina has a biggie: a “hot professor”. And, as you know, Mr. POV walks on to set with big back-ups. BIG. For this scene, he literally hadn’t blasted for over a week. The result? Well, he had a very difficult time not losing his nut. Throughout the entire scene! Reina’s dirty talk, eye contact, pussy teasing and finishing the job did it tho. Wait til you see the results! Enjoy Reina Rae my dude! And before you ask, I’m already working on bringing her back for the other sites!!

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