Octavia Red – MrPOV | But I’m With Your Best Friend! 32

Octavia Red has a problem, and it’s a big one: monogamy. Maybe you do, too? It starts with being a highly sexual person. Then, getting “tired of the same old thing”. Soon, Octavia is on the hunt, but it’s a covert one. Strangers are out of the question — they’re too much drama!! Enter Hubby’s best pal. Octavia’s hubby best friend, to be exact! Octavia’s always loved to flirt with him, and now that Hubby’s out of the house for a while, it’s time “for a talk”. With Hubby’s “Bestie”!! Look, Octavia knows what he secretly likes. How? Hubby and Bestie talk. All. The. Time! So Octavia starts the seduction with showing off her big, all-natural tits. Then, it’s on to her feet! The Head Game is next. The deal closer? Octavia’s fat, tight cunt! It’s got the Kung-Fu grip!! Listen to her cunt pop every time he pulls out! Octavia deals with the phone calls throughout their fuck session! When it’s time to finish the job, Octavia works for his big load and it lands directly into her open, begging mouth! It’s such a big load, it’s all over her beautiful body, too!

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