Mira – BackroomCastingCouch | The Girl With The Snek Tattoo 59

My goodness friends, do we have a treat for you this week! Meet 20 year old sweet and petite Mira. Now, I didn’t know this till it was game time, but apparently Mira, and one of our recent applicants (Olivia) are friends, and that’s how Mira found her way to the couch. Something about a referral really gets my motor going. Our adorable little Mira is like 90lbs and 5 foot nothing. She’s newly single, and apparently she’s only had 1 boyfriend that she’s had sex with. Which means at 20 years old, she’s only had 1 dick in her… That’s wiiiiiild. So I guess she’s gonna go for the gusto and just head first into porno and figure out what she’s been missing. She’s verrrrrry soft spoken, and a little shy, and it takes Rick a minute to start cracking away at that shell. She’s still pretty open, if not a little reserved. About half way through the interview, Rick makes a startling discovery: She’s got the elusive SNAKE TATOO, and we all know what that means… well she doesn’t, but we do lol. She kinda starts to turn it on a bit when Rick gets her out of that white dress. No bra, no panties, perky pierced nipples. Then it’s the sly little smiles for me. Like when she’s asked to spread her ass and look over her shoulder, yeah she knows exactly what she’s doing with that little smile. She’s such a little trooper trying that big glass buttplug for the first time. We get a bit of a false start, and even with a lot of effort, she can’t quite get that thing in there. It’s a great attempt though. So Rick gives her a smaller plug, and she gets that one in no problem. Now after Olivia’s adventure, I’m sure Mira had a little bit of an idea what she was getting herself into. Part of me thinks, she absolutely knew, and this is a huge turn on for her. Either way, she’s so sexy as she sucks my cock, its heaven. Once I get a bit more comfortable, and Rick has her ass up on the couch, I can’t resist just diving in on her. Did I mention it was heaven? Finally we’re off to the races and I pound Mira’s little petite pussy all over the office. She’s so compliant and such a cute little fuck doll, as we check the boxes on her fuck-it list. Apparently she’s had her eye on the pile driver for quite some time, so we make her dreams come true and I bury my cock in her tight asshole. We get some sweet little gapes, but literally that ass is so tight it closes right back up as soon as I pull my cock out. Before I finish her up, I figured I’d see how she liked rimming my ass. I’m pretttttty sure, she enjoyed it more than I did. She got her whole face and tongue all up in there. This girl is a special kind of dirty girl so I figured I’d fill up her ass. We haven’t had a ol’ anal creampie in quite some time. So we put her int he chair and I work her little ass until I absolutley EXPLODE in it, she helps out with that lovely cum fart cocktail. And again, she knows exactly what she’s doing as she smirks over her shoulder with her asshole just dripping. Idk guys, honestly, I can’t stop thinking about this one, great white buffalo and all that. I have a feeling we’re gonna be seeing quite a bit of this one in the future.

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