Kiki Klout – SeeHimFuck | We’re Raising The Bar For This Year! 571

It’s another one of our world-famous “Double Debuts” this week, as ripped older gent Coach Cardher and the lovely KiKi Klout ❤️ are both making their See HiM Fuck debuts today. After our director, Big Lou, helps us get acquainted with HIM, Coach stands up & begins to strip from his clothes, showing off his phenomenal body while flexing for us. KiKi starts to lube HIM up & damn, does his body glisten! KiKi then sniffs and licks Coach’s hairy armpits before getting HIM on all fours for some very sexy black-ass foreplay. Next up is the foot worshiping, as KiKi licks and sucks on his socked and bare feet ? Then we get to the ass-eating ?? where KiKi rims HIM via the rusty trombone with Coach spread-eagle and in a reverse piledriver ?‍♂️ Then the two trade oral treats, as Coach sucks & slurps on her juicy clit ?‍♂️ followed by KiKi giving HIM one helluva slob job Finally, we get to the fucking, as KiKi takes all of HIM in a reverse piledriver via the amazon then doggystyle and missionary until Coach pulls out and makes a map of Hawaii on her belly ✊ We followed Coach to our outdoor shower ? to see how things went… Until next week and the next HiM! ?

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