Izzy Lush – NuruMassage | A Nuru Market 797

Brad Newman arrives for his NURU massage appointment and is greeted by Izzy Lush, his new masseuse. It seems like Izzy’s reputation precedes her, however, as Brad mentions that she is considered to be one of the best massage therapists in town. Brad is no stranger to NURU- he’s actually the majority stakeholder in the company which makes the NURU gel that Izzy uses. He’s been traveling across the country to see how his product is performing first-hand, and Izzy is eager to impress. As they strip naked, they exchange some small talk about each other’s backgrounds, and it’s clear these two have some chemistry together. Izzy expresses how the minute she performed her first NURU massage, she felt like she was destined to do it for the rest of her life. Her passion is apparent as she pours the gel over her own body and then glides over Brad’s backside. Though she tries to remain professional, there are subtle hints that Izzy is enjoying this particular massage a lot more than she expected. When Brad flips onto his back, Izzy makes sure every part of him, including his hardening cock, is covered in gel. She then glides on him, her pussy grazing his dick teasingly. Before long, she can’t resist taking the massage to another level, leading Brad through an erotic and sensual sexual experience. Brad counts his stars, realizing that getting into the NURU market might have been the best decision of his life.

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