Ada Vera – SeeHimFuck | See The Detroit Bad Boy Fuck 555

Motown native Big Tre makes his See H?️M Fuck debut this week, and we paired HIM up with our good friend Ada Vera ❤️ for today’s update. After our revered director, Johnny ?? Robins, helps us get to know a little about HIM, Big Tre stands up & begins to disrobe for us, and you know that Ada just had to get a taste of that big black gift ?? Ada then lubes HIM up ? and makes sure that thick girthy prick is slick & ready. She ?? sniffs and licks ? his armpits ?? before allowing HIM to take a seat so she can smell his socks ??? lick his soles and suckle his toes ???? Then we get down to the ass-eating ?? as Ada rims HIM while Big Tre is spread eagle, ala Rusty Trombone ?? and with HIM in a reverse piledriver ???‍♂️ The two then trade oral treats, as Big Tre sucks and slurps on her clit ??‍♂️followed by Ada sucking & slurping on HIM ?? Ada then hops on top and rides HIM cowgirl ? until Big Tre positions her for some front and backward piledriver deep-dicking ??‍♂️??‍♀️ Big Tre then stretches Ada out via doggystyle ? & missionary ? until he lays back & finishes HIMself off ✊??? We followed the two stars into the shower ?? to see how things went…Until next week and the next H?️M! ?

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